George B. Stevens
Owner + Graphic Designer
G Sharp Design LLC
I am a graphic designer. 
That photo, however, is not of me in design mode. It's me a few hours before I married my wife. I chose it because I know I'm happy, excited, and eager. It shows the person I am. 
I also like the playing card wallpaper.
But back to graphics: I've been at it for more than 18 years now, dating back to my days as a page designer for my high school newspaper. For almost 12 years, I lived in the trenches of a leading entrepreneurial publishing house, designing books and marketing collateral for entrepreneurs the world over. Starting with the company in 2007 as a junior designer, I ascended to the role of creative director in 2018. I helped build the company with design thinking, and can lend this to your business in a variety of ways.
It was a fast-paced, demanding environment that required mode-switching on a daily basis—I might start my morning designing marketing collateral for an orthodontist from Michigan, and spend my afternoon concepting book covers for a tech executive in Dubai. In the moments between, I might be prepping project files, on the phone with vendors, consulting with potential clients, building spreads for the company magazine, or presenting in a leadership meeting.
It was a rich and varied experience that helped me learn how to be functionally busy, sharpened my focus, and ultimately led me to ask: why not do it for myself? So in September of 2019, I founded G Sharp Design, LLC and began operating as a resource for businesses and individuals in need of graphic design support.
When I'm not busy designing, you'll find me playing music out with one of my two bands, jogging through the streets of Charleston, or spending quality time with my wife, Sarah, and cat, June.